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The COLLEGE OF SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS seeks to be a leader in STEM (science, technol­ogy, engineering, and mathematics) education with an innova­tive transdisciplinary curriculum. Our goal is for UNG students to become successful scientists and mathematicians by providing them an active learn­ing experience with real world training in a collaborative environ­ment. Our graduates will join an educated workforce critical to developing new technology and innovations that spur economic growth in Georgia. Your donation will foster curiosity and innovation via special programs, student scholarship support, and enhanced learning environments that encourage exploration and mastery in Science and Mathematics. 

Invest in our Science and Mathematics majors by donating to one of the priorities below or visit the GIVE page for a list of all funds.



Help UNG raise $40 million to build a state-of-the-art STEM building on the Dahlonega campus and advance transdisciplinary STEM curriculum.

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Science & Mathematics Dean's Excellence Fund

Support students in undergraduate research, competitions, study abroad, or travel to professional conferences.


Science & Mathematics Dean's Scholarship Fund

Provide motivated students funding to complete their education and encourage them in their career paths by supporting this critical scholarship fund.


SUPPORT THE AREA that means the most to you

Whether your passion lies in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics, support the area that means the most to you. Gifts to specific departments will fund programs, faculty research, and scientific equipment.


“OUR transdisciplinary curriculum will inspire STEM students to pursue and complete their degrees, as well as prepare them for a work environment requiring a broader scientific perspective and experience working in cross-disciplinary teams."

- Dean Michael Bodri, College of Science & Mathematics

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