Policy 6     Investment

Section 6.1          Investment Introduction

The mission of the University of North Georgia Foundation (the “Foundation”) is to support the University of North Georgia by promoting philanthropy from all constituents, managing and investing its assets responsibly, providing financial assistance for students, faculty and staff, and serving in an advisory role to the President of the University. 

The Investment Committee ("the committee") is charged with the following:

  1. maintain the assets of the foundation in perpetuity
  2. achieve acceptable investment returns compared to industry benchmarks
  3. keep sufficient liquidity for short term funding needs
  4. manage risk

General Principles

This Investment Policy Statement (together with its Appendices, the “Statement”) sets forth policies and procedures that shall guide the Board of Trustees (the “Trustees”) and any of its delegates in supervising, implementing, evaluating and monitoring the investable assets of the Foundation.  The following six general principles shall apply:

  1. Investments of the Foundation shall be diversified unless the Trustees, or their lawful delegates, after appropriate deliberation, reasonably determine that because of special circumstances the purposes of the Foundation are better served without diversification.
  2. The Foundation shall be managed in accordance with applicable standards of fiduciary duty and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (Ga. Code §44-15).
  3. Standards for return, asset allocation, and diversification shall be determined primarily from a strategic perspective and measured over both short and long time periods.
  4. Foundation funds are by definition perpetual pools of capital and as such a long-term view in setting investment policy and strategy should be taken.
  5. Taking into consideration the long-term nature of the Foundation assets, maintaining a bias towards risk assets, which have historically produced higher long-term returns, is appropriate.
  6. The Foundation is exempt from taxation.  It is the policy of the Foundation to treat all assets of the organization, including those funds that are legally unrestricted, for the purpose of accomplishing the organization’s tax-exempt mission.  As such, the policies described in this Statement are to be interpreted in light of that overall sense of stewardship.