Policy 5     Expenditure Control

Section 5.6          Endowed Chair/Professorship

The Foundation may invest funds for an Endowed Chair/Professorship.  Until the fund is fully endowed, the position cannot be awarded.  During that period, spendable income may only be spent on recruitment for the position.

Examples of acceptable expenditures once the position is filled include:

  • Salary and benefits.
  • Salaries of support staff, including graduate students, working exclusively on the professor’s scholarly work.
  • Travel for the professor related to scholarly work.
  • Technology support for the professor including computers, software and data.
  • Subscriptions to journals and/or journal application fees.
  • Renovation of facility, laboratory, etc. for professor.

The above expenditures must be processed through the University Business Office.  The Business Office will bill the Foundation accordingly for all expenses.  All Endowed Chair positions are subject to approval by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents.