Policy 5     Expenditure Control

Section 5.2          Travel

All University employee and student travel expenses must be processed through the University Business Office in accordance with University and Board of Regents policy.  Please refer to the UNG Comptroller Office for additional information: https://ung.edu/comptroller/ .

Under certain circumstances, the Foundation may reimburse for an employee’s spouse travel, if it can be shown that the spouse’s presence has a bona fide business purpose.  The request must be clearly substantiated in writing, and approved in advance of the travel by the Foundation CEO or COO.  No personal or social purpose reimbursements will be allowed, which would result in a fringe benefit to an employee. 

The UNGF may reimburse the Board Chairman, or designee, for required travel on behalf of the Foundation and/or University of North Georgia when asked to represent UNG or the UNG Foundation.