Policy 2     Gift Acceptance

Section 2.4          Altering Donor Restrictions

It is a paramount obligation of UNGF that a donor’s gift be used for the purposes given.  The use of a donor’s gift for any purpose other than that stipulated by the donor is prohibited.

If the use stipulated by the donor becomes impossible, illegal or impracticable, consent for using the funds in a different manner will be sought from the donor, if possible.  If the donor is deceased or incapacitated, or cannot be located, then consent may be sought from the donor’s family members, estate representatives, or other legal agents.

If consent cannot be obtained, the use may be altered in accordance with the terms of the original written document, or as provided by Georgia law, which may include seeking court approval.

If the donor wishes to amend or alter the terms of his or her gift, the UNGF and University must first agree to those alterations and the alterations must be documented in writing.