Policy 2      Gift Acceptance

Section 2.1          Gift Acceptance General Provision

The fundraising program of the University of North Georgia encompasses all gift solicitations on behalf of the University and its colleges, units or affiliated entities.  All fundraising on behalf of the University will be coordinated by the University of North Georgia Foundation (UNGF) and conducted in accordance with the UNGF Code of Ethics and these policies.

Gifts of cash (or checks made payable to UNGF, not the University) and negotiable securities may be accepted by UNGF staff.  All gifts in other forms will be reviewed by the UNGF CEO or COO, in accordance with the policies below, and accepted, rejected or presented to the Executive Committee of the UNGF Board of Directors for final determination.  When timing is a critical factor, a gift may be accepted by the CEO or COO, conditional on subsequent approval by the Executive Committee.

The UNGF will record all gifts, deposit gifts into the appropriate funds and promptly issue gift receipts to donors.

The administration and investment of all gifts for the benefit of the University is the responsibility of UNGF.  The UNGF Finance Committee oversees fund management and financial policies.  All gifts will be invested in accordance with UNGF investment policies, established by the UNGF Investment Committee.  Donors may not control the investment of specific gifts.

The University President retains the right to approve or disapprove of any naming or to return a gift to a donor, in the best interests of the University, and in accordance with the University Naming Policy:  https://policy.ung.edu/policy/naming-opportunities.