Policy 1     Governance, Organizational Values & Ethical Conduct

Section 1.5          Records Management and Retention

The purpose of the Records Management and Retention policy is to assist the UNG Foundation in properly protecting and managing the records it needs to maintain, while eliminating the records that are no longer legally or operationally required.  This will help to ensure that the Foundation is following all applicable laws and regulations governing the management, retention and destruction of the Foundation’s legal, historical, business, and administrative records.

A “record” is any recorded information in any format (paper or electronic) that has been created by, received by, or for the Foundation in connection with its business transactions.

The following schedule outlines the minimum time periods specific types of records must be maintained.

The COO is responsible for identifying the records to be retained and making arrangements for the proper storage of the records, and handling the disposal of records whose retention period has expired.