Husband and wife, Vince and Debbie Collier, pose for a picture in front of palm trees.

Vince & Debbie collier

Paving the way for the future

Vince Collier (North Georgia College ‘72) and Debbie Kolb Collier (University of Georgia ’71) believe philanthropic donations can pave the way for students to achieve educational and life goals which might otherwise be unobtainable.  Both Vince and Debbie worked throughout undergraduate and graduate school and know how impactful even a modest scholarship can be. Today’s soaring costs make it even more important to assist worthy candidates to stay in school and complete their education.

Vince attained a BS in psychology at NGC and an MSBA (’77) from Boston University.  Vince has been an observer/controller for NGC’s Frog Week for incoming freshman and has served two years on the Corps Advisory Council. He enjoys meeting and interacting with the new generations of cadets.  He and Debbie contributed to the NGC Class of ’72 Class Gift in September ’17 to ensure there is funding to provide scholarships to the Corps of Cadets. “It’s an honor to be able to give back to UNG!”

“The leadership skills taught by the Military Department and the Corps of Cadets stood me in good stead during thirty years of service in the Army,” Vince said. “North Georgia is a recognized leader in providing excellent officers in the Army and in the world of science and medicine at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention Headquarters in Atlanta, GA.”

Debbie received her BA in English from UGA (’71), then her PhD in English (’77) and MBA (’79) from UNC-Chapel Hill. While she supports those institutions as well, she has developed a bond with UNG over the last 16 years. “The camaraderie and esprit de corps of UNG alums speaks to the quality and integrity of the program. Having met leaders among UNG alumni, administration, and student body, I believe investments in UNG and the Corp of Cadets are well placed.”


"just as important as the leadership and academic impact of the university of north georgia are the life-long friendships which have been formed and nurtured over the years. my college friends and i share a closeness that can only be experienced by going to the university of north georgia."

- Vince Collier '72, Former Assistant Program Manager, Army Acquisition Corps, the Pentagon; Lead Physical Security Specialist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention