Sandra Pryor Clarkson and brother Bob Pryor smile at the camera.


"LEAD where it counts" in Philanthropy

Bob Pryor ’71 and sister Sandra Pryor Clarkson ’65 both graduated from UNG, then North Georgia College (NGC), in the science and mathematics fields.  Inspired by their parents to expand their personal horizons and strive to reach their fullest potential, both went on to successful careers after graduation and credited college as instrumental to their success in life.  It is special to have two siblings who both attended North Georgia College and have also remained actively engaged in UNG over many years.

Bob served on the UNG Foundation Board of Trustees saying it was one of the most rewarding times in his life.  He felt it was an honor and privilege to give back to the very institution that helped provide him with the intellectual, emotional, and leadership capital to accept and effectively deal with most any challenge.  Bob says:  “As you reflect back on your own life, if UNG helped to prepare you, help others in their quest to prepare.  Give…it will make a difference!”

Dr. Sandra Pryor Clarkson is a mathematics and statistics professor at Hunter College of the City University of New York.   Sandra found her love of mathematics in classes with Dr. Towson, a wonderful teacher who really inspired her.  She helped set up a scholarship fund for biology professor Dr. Mac Callaham, who was an inspiration to her in college and influenced her decision to become a college teacher.  She contributes monthly to this fund saying, “It was an opportunity to pay back to North Georgia College for all it gave me. Think of what you got from NGC that you might never have gotten anywhere else — then give to the scholarship funds so that some other young person will have the same opportunities.” 


"Dr. simms and Dr. Tom Davis had the greatest impact on my education and the corps of cadets had the greatest impact on helping me recognize the importance of integrity, Discipline and Leadership. The combination of an exceptional education and exposure to the building blocks and attributes of leadership provides our graduates with a competitive advantage in tackling the real world."

- Bob Pryor '71, Former Manager, Dupont, Executive VP of Sterling Diagnostic Imaging, & President of AGFA Medical Imaging