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Endowments provide donors the opportunity to leave an indelible mark on the University and the world.

Establishing a permanent endowment fund speaks to a donor’s confidence in the University of North Georgia and an enduring commitment to the University's mission. By creating or supporting an endowment, your generosity not only impacts students today, but will continue to impact generations to come. Endowments allow the University the ability to plan for the future and to provide students and faculty with the resources they need to achieve their academic and professional goals.

The UNG Foundation invests in broadly diversified assets in an effort to balance risk and return and strives to out-perform industry benchmarks. For Fiscal Year 2017, the Foundation's investment portfolio return was 14.33% net of all investment fees, compared to our benchmark of 10.64%; earnings from investments were over $7.5 million; and the portfolio ended the fiscal year with a market value of more than $60.5 million.

 Faculty Endowments

  • Deanship: $2,000,000 minimum

  • Distinguished University Chair: $2,000,000 minimum

  • Chair: $1,000,000 minimum

  • Visiting Artist: $1,000,000 minimum

  • Professorship: $500,000 minimum

  • Visiting Scholar/Lecturer: $500,000 minimum



  • Full Scholarship (in-state):  $500,000 minimum

  • Tuition Scholarship (out-of-state):  $500,000 minimum

  • Tuition Scholarship (in-state):  $200,000 minimum

  • Room & Board Scholarship:  $125,000 minimum

  • Full Fellowship:  $500,000 minimum

  • Fellowship:  $100,000 minimum

  • Scholarship:  $25,000 minimum


What is an endowment?

An endowment is a fund established by a donor or donors who wish to support UNG and our students for generations to come. The establishing gift, or “corpus”, is not spent but invested and continues to grow as endowment appreciation is added. The appreciation provides funding to support scholarships, programs, or units designated by the donor.

How can I establish an endowment?

Endowments require a minimum gift of $25,000. However, the endowment corpus can be pledged and paid out over a period of up to five years. The endowment will not be placed into use until the fund reaches $25,000.

Can I decide how my endowment is used?

Yes, your endowment gift can be designated to support general scholarships; scholarships for a specific area or college; specific programs like the Corps of Cadets, Athletics, the Library, or the Theater; chairs and professorships; facilities; or special initiatives. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) will be executed between the University of North Georgia Foundation and you, the donor, so that your wishes are reflected in the criteria for use of the funds.

What percentage of the endowment appreciation is spent annually?

The UNG Foundation Board of Trustees sets the spending rate on an annual basis. This rate is based on a three-year rolling average of the endowment value in order to offset market fluctuations. The spend rate historically falls around 4% of the three-year average in order to allow the endowment to continue to grow.

How does my endowed fund grow?

Endowment appreciation in excess of the spending allocation continues to be invested, allowing the fund to grow. Additional gifts may be made to the corpus at any time.

Does UNG Foundation charge any administrative fees to manage my endowment gift?

Yes, UNG Foundation charges an annual 1% administrative fee to each endowed fund, which is a common practice among universities and foundations. This fee is taken from the appreciation at the beginning of each fiscal year, based on the June 30 balance.


For more information regarding the establishment of an endowment, please contact one of our Development Officers.